Brian Stengaard

Cell: +1 (919) 793 6102

Digital plumber. Clicks the tubes together that apparently makes up the internet. Enjoys standing on the shoulders of giants in order to compose great software. Hates software that is sitting on the laps of dwarves and limits the operator. Opioniated about infrastructure, but always learning.


Podio (Citrix) Site Reliability Engineer - Raleigh - 2016-05 → 2017-06

Maintain, operate and scale an extremely complex SaaS product. Balance product direction with operational feasibility.

  • Fun with terraform and AWS
  • Battling Elasticsearch, Mysql and chef
  • Technical lead for the Operations team

Podio (Citrix) Site Reliability Engineer - Copenhagen - 2014-10 → 2016-05

Building and maintaining a build and deployment pipeline. Scaling and upgrading MySQL. Developed internal tooling for reporting of build failures.

  • Packaging used by Capistrano
  • Infrastructure management using cloudformation
  • Continous Integration platform based on Jenkins
  • Configuration management using chef
  • Incident management

Issuu DevOps Engineer - Copenhagen - 2012-04 → 2014-10

Building and maintaining a build and deployment pipeline. Building tools that allow developers to deliver their apps even faster and while increasing repeatability.

  • Deployment systems based on Debian packages
  • AWS instance provisioning system
  • User access management
  • L2TP/IPSec VPN frontend
  • Continous Integration platform based on Jenkins
  • Configuration management
  • On call rotation

Telenor JBoss System Administrator - Copenhagen, 2010-06 → 2012-04

Worked on Business Support Systems, managing thousands of customer. Primarily fixed/ADSL.

  • Manage JBoss server farm, configuration management
  • PL/SQL bug fixing
  • 3rd level support
  • Deploying, monitoring and performing releases

MMMI, SDU Student Programmer - Odense, 2004-09 → 2010-03

Student job doing server rollout, network operations, version control access, CFengine


M.Sc, Computer Science and Engineering, DTU 2007-09 → 2010-03

Thesis: Digital Radio Mondiale - A Software Decoder .

B.Sc., Computer Systems Engineering, SDU 2003-09 → 2007-06

Embedded work on Motorolla/Atmel chips

HTX, CEU Kolding2000-08 → 2003-06


Languages I know

English, Danish, (German in a pinch,) Go, Python, C, Shell, Ruby, SQL, Java

Technologies I've Worked with

AWS, debian packaging (dh_*), haproxy, puppet, chef, capistrano, Jenkins CI, Cloudformation/terraform, Nagios, MySQL, PostgreSql, freeradius, Git(hub), Varnish / Fastly, DNS (route53), RabbitMQ, Ubuntu/Debian

I really enjoy a good round of squash, inhaling compressed air under water, having an excellent Islay whisky and Open Source software. (Order arbirtrary.)